Atlantic Money Neobank Review

Considering Atlantic Money Neobank? Launched in 2022, it offers innovation, transparent fees, and a high-quality mobile app. FCA and NBB regulation guarantee safety with clear pricing and separate funds. Competitive exchange rates and fixed £3 transfer fees benefit users. The streamlined platform for international transfers caters to user needs. Though limited in currency range, the focus remains on simplifying global money transactions.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Fixed £3 fee for transfers, transparent pricing.
  • Innovative mobile app for seamless transfers.
  • Competitive exchange rates on par with mid-market rates.
  • Regulated by FCA and NBB for safety.
  • Limited range of currencies, iOS and Android app available.

What Is Atlantic Money?

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Incorporating innovative features and a transparent fee structure, Atlantic Money is a cutting-edge mobile money transfer app revolutionizing the industry since its launch in March 2022.

When it comes to international money transfers, Atlantic Money offers a seamless platform for sending funds abroad with ease. With a fixed fee of £3 for all transfers, you can enjoy the convenience of sending money internationally without worrying about fluctuating costs.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes the transfer process straightforward and efficient, catering to your needs with simplicity and clarity. Atlantic Money’s commitment to fair exchange rates and transparent pricing guarantees that you can transfer money internationally with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a reliable and cost-effective service.

Whether you’re sending money to family overseas or conducting business transactions globally, Atlantic Money provides a secure and efficient solution for all your international money transfer needs.

Safety and Security

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), Atlantic Money guarantees robust safety and security measures for your peace of mind. Your protection is paramount, as Atlantic Money adheres to stringent regulations ensuring the safety of your funds and data.

With excellent cybersecurity protocols in place, your information remains secure throughout all transactions. Operating with licensed status, Atlantic Money’s commitment to providing a safe platform for money transfers is unwavering.

The company goes the extra mile by keeping client funds separate from operational finances in ring-fenced accounts, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, Atlantic Money has swiftly gained credibility through its transparent pricing and unwavering dedication to customer protection.

Rest assured, your safety and security are paramount priorities when entrusting Atlantic Money with your financial transactions.

Exchange Rates

With a focus on providing competitive exchange rates and transparent pricing, Atlantic Money guarantees customers receive excellent value for their international money transfers. Atlantic Money offers exchange rates that are on par with mid-market rates, similar to those found on platforms like XE.

The company maintains transparent pricing by charging fixed £3 fees for all transfers, regardless of the currency or amount being sent. By passing on wholesale rates to customers, Atlantic Money ensures that users benefit from fair and consistent exchange rates without hidden margins or additional fees.

Additionally, the exchange rates provided by Atlantic Money are regulated and monitored to provide a secure and reliable service. Customers can trust that when transferring money internationally through Atlantic Money, they’ll receive a competitive exchange rate and transparent pricing, ultimately maximizing the value of their transactions.

Transfer Fees

You’ll find Atlantic Money’s fixed transfer fees to be competitive and transparent, guaranteeing consistent pricing for all your international transactions.

Atlantic Money charges a fixed £3 fee for every transfer, regardless of the transfer amount or currency, which is a competitive rate compared to other money transfer services. This fixed fee structure allows Atlantic Money to generate revenue and maintain a clear pricing model for its customers.

Additionally, for transfers from Euros, Atlantic Money applies a €3 fee. The neobank prides itself on offering transparent pricing with no hidden margins, providing a straightforward cost structure for users.

Service and Features

Atlantic Money’s mobile apps exclusively offer money transfer services without providing forward contracts, limit orders, or stop losses to customers. The neobank focuses on simplifying international money transfers through its user-friendly mobile app, which limits the available features but guarantees a straightforward process for sending funds. While Atlantic Money’s service does not include advanced options like forward contracts, it does offer convenience and ease of use for basic money transfer needs.

To further understand Atlantic Money’s service and features, let’s take a look at the table below:

Service Features
Money Transfers Seamless mobile app experience
Customer Service Primarily through text messages
Mobile App iOS and Android exclusive
Range of Currencies Limited availability for transfers

The neobank’s customer service primarily operates through text messages, providing users with a convenient way to seek assistance. While Atlantic Money’s offerings may lack some advanced functionalities, its focus on simplicity and accessibility through the mobile app caters to those seeking a straightforward money transfer experience.

Mobile App Review

Users consistently praise Atlantic Money’s mobile app for its intuitive interface and low fees, making it a standout feature among neobanks. With a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store, the Atlantic Money mobile app has garnered positive customer reviews.

Users commend the app for its user-friendly design and affordable fees, highlighting its convenience and efficiency. The majority of customers express high satisfaction with the app’s usability and functionality, emphasizing its role as a key feature that sets Atlantic Money apart as a money transfer provider.

The app’s seamless interface and transparent fee structure contribute to a positive user experience, making it a preferred choice for many individuals seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for their financial transactions. Whether you’re sending funds internationally or managing your finances, the Atlantic Money mobile app offers a convenient and secure platform to meet your money transfer needs.

Customer Support

Experience seamless customer support with Atlantic Money through iMessage or WhatsApp during specific hours. You can easily reach out for assistance by initiating a support chat within the app.

This customer support service is designed to help you with any queries, issues you encounter, or guidance needed for your transfers. Users have shared positive feedback regarding the responsiveness, helpfulness, and overall experience with Atlantic Money’s customer support.

The availability of support through iMessage or WhatsApp contributes to a smooth and efficient process when you require assistance. By providing this convenient support channel, Atlantic Money guarantees that users feel supported and well-assisted throughout their interactions with the platform.

How It Works

To initiate a money transfer using Atlantic Money, simply download the mobile app and create an account. Once you’re set up, you can start transferring funds conveniently through the app.

Atlantic Money offers a straightforward fee structure without hidden margins, ensuring transparent pricing for your transfers. You can choose between Express and Standard transfer options, with the possibility of weekend transfers impacting exchange rates.

The mobile app provides a seamless experience, making it easy for you to send money internationally in different currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and more. With Atlantic Money, you have the flexibility to select the transfer option that suits your needs best.

Enjoy the convenience of secure and efficient money transfers right at your fingertips with Atlantic Money’s user-friendly mobile app and transparent pricing model.

User Reviews

Amidst varying opinions and experiences, Atlantic Money Neobank garners positive feedback from its users for its FX game, cost-saving benefits, and excellent exchange rates. Customers praise the neobank for its value-for-money service, highlighting the competitive rates and clear pricing structures.

Many users express high satisfaction levels with Atlantic Money’s efficient money transfer experience, emphasizing the benefits of transparent pricing and secure service. Additionally, customers appreciate the prompt customer service, early arrival of funds, and the neobank’s commitment to resolving transfer issues promptly.

While Atlantic Money receives acclaim for its favorable exchange rates and cost-saving advantages, some users encounter challenges with the verification process and perceive a decline in service quality. Despite these concerns, many customers prefer Atlantic Money over competitors due to its better rates, value-for-money service, and strong anti-money laundering measures.


Explore various alternatives to Atlantic Money Neobank for different transfer needs and preferences.

When it comes to currency rates, transfer company, and bank accounts, here are some options worth exploring:

  1. Currency Brokers: For transfers exceeding £25,000, currency brokers like Key Currency, Currencies Direct, and TorFX offer competitive rates and tailored services that may better suit your needs than Atlantic Money Neobank.
  2. Customer Service: If you value phone support and excellent customer service, Wise is recommended over Atlantic Money Neobank for a smoother transfer experience.
  3. Specialized Services: For cash pickup, delivery, mobile money, or airtime top-up services, exploring alternatives such as WorldRemit and Remitly could provide more diverse options compared to Atlantic Money Neobank.

Exploring these alternatives can help you find the best fit for your specific transfer requirements, whether it’s optimizing currency rates, seeking enhanced customer service, or accessing specialized transfer services beyond traditional bank accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlantic Money Legit?

Atlantic Money is legit. Regulated and secure, they’ve got your back for international transfers. Trust Monito’s stamp of approval, and send funds worry-free. Safe, transparent, and reliable – that’s Atlantic Money.

Is Atlantic Money a Bank?

Yes, Atlantic Money is not a traditional bank but a neobank that specializes in mobile money transfers. It doesn’t offer traditional banking services like loans or savings accounts, focusing solely on international money transfers.

How Do I Use Atlantic Money?

So, you want to use Atlantic Money? Simple! Download the app, sign up, add beneficiaries, check limits, and voilà! Transfer like a pro! Need help? Hit up customer support for a smooth ride.

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