Best Banks In Italy For Foreigners

Just as having the correct phrasebook is vital in communicating your needs and desires in a new language, so is selecting the right bank crucial in navigating the financial terrains in a foreign country. Choosing a bank that caters to foreigners’ unique needs can make a significant difference in managing finances abroad.

A well-chosen bank fulfills tasks ranging from making regular transactions, handling savings, or making international money transfers. These institutions should also offer customer services in the user’s preferred language and provide multilingual online banking platforms.

Listing of best banks in Italy for foreigners

  1. BNL: One of the country’s most established banks, BNL offers a range of services tailored for foreigners. With a deep-rooted history in Italy, they combine traditional banking with modern conveniences, ensuring a smooth experience for non-residents.
  2. ING: A globally recognized bank, ING has made its mark in Italy with a customer-centric approach. They cater to the needs of foreigners with their digital banking solutions and English-speaking customer service.
  3. Intesa Sanpaolo: They’re one of Italy’s most extensive banking groups with a substantial international presence. They offer a variety of services in English, including online banking.
  4. Poste Italiane: Not just a postal service, Poste Italiane also provides banking solutions through its financial arm, BancoPosta. With a vast presence throughout the country, it is easily accessible to foreigners. Known for its simplicity and efficient services, Poste Italiane offers banking products, insurance, and even mobile telephony services. The versatility and trustworthiness of the institution make it a favored choice for many non-residents.
  5. Banca UniCredit: A cornerstone of the Italian financial sector, Banca UniCredit is often the go-to choice for many foreigners seeking comprehensive banking services. Their vast network and dedication to customer service ensure that non-residents feel right at home. With a variety of products tailored to international clients and a user-friendly online platform, they continue to be a top choice.
  6. *Wise (formerly TransferWise): Not a traditional bank but recognized for its transparent exchange rates, it enables quick and cheap international money transfers.

BNL (Banco Nazionale del Lavoro)

Established in 1913, BNL is one of Italy’s largest banks and traditionally one of the most trusted, especially by expatriates. This bank is known for its excellent customer service, comprehensive digital banking platforms, and range of products suitable for foreigners.

BNL: Services, products, and benefits for expats

BNL’s comprehensive range of services and products includes current accounts, savings accounts, insurance products, and investment options. They provide online banking services available in various languages, a feature appreciated by foreigners who may not speak fluent Italian.

One key differentiation that BNL offers is its dedicated expatriate banking package. This comprehensive package aims to simplify banking for foreigners by offering services tailored towards the needs of expats, like international money transfer services and multi-currency accounts. Additionally, BNL has branches all over Italy and a reliable network of ATMs, ensuring banking convenience across the country.

Opening an account with BNL: Documents required and process

Opening a bank account in Italy often involves bureaucratic processes. However, BNL strives to make this as easy and straightforward as possible, even for foreigners.

To open an account, you need to visit a branch in person with the necessary paperwork. This generally includes a valid ID, proof of address, Italian tax identification number, and proof of employment or funds. Depending on the type of account, additional documents may be required.

The process starts with a sit-down appointment with a customer service representative who guides you through the paperwork, account options, and setups, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Keep in mind that the ability to open an account will largely depend on your residency status. It’s always advantageous to speak to a BNL representative for personalized service.

Over the years, BNL has proven its commitment to providing quality banking experiences for expats, making it one of the best banks in Italy for foreigners.


If you’re an expat touching down the gourmet haven, Italy, for a job, schooling, or retirement, navigating through the various financial systems may appear challenging. One key point to address is banking. however, this is where ING, an international bank with robust services for foreigners, comes into play.

ING: Services, products, and benefits for expats

ING is an international bank with local services in Italy tailored to suit the demands of expats. The bank provides savings accounts, credit cards, insurance, loans, investments, and other financial services.

One of the main advantages of ING in Italy is that it offers most services online or via their mobile application. This convenience makes it a sure shot for foreigners who want a mobile banking experience without language barriers.

Most remarkably, the bank offers customer services in English – a luxury that’s not publicly available in many Italian banks. Plus, ING’s proactive approach in ensuring that your banking experience is smooth, convenient, and secure places them as one of Italy’s best banks for foreigners.

Opening an account with ING: Documents required and process

Opening a bank account with ING in Italy is a relatively straightforward process. You would need to provide the necessary documentation, including your passport, proof of Italian residence or permit to stay, Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale), and proof of employment or source of income.

Once you gather all these documents, you can apply online, wait for approval, and get started on your banking activities.

Here is a quick rundown of the process steps:

Step Task
Step 1 Gather all the necessary documents
Step 2 Apply online through the Italian website of ING
Step 3 Wait for approval and receive your account details
Step 4 Begin your banking activities

Remember, ING’s commitment to providing digital and English-friendly services sets it apart as an excellent choice for foreigners opting for a seamless banking experience in Italy.

Intesa Sanpaolo

For expats seeking a banking solution in Italy, experiencing the services of Intesa Sanpaolo might just be the right choice! This banking giant stands tall among the best banks in Italy and is highly recommended for foreigners.

Intesa Sanpaolo: Services, products, and benefits for expats

Complete with a fantastic range of financial services, Intesa Sanpaolo creates the perfect banking atmosphere for expats. The bank offers a variety of products, including current and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and insurance services. These are specially tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of foreigners.

Here’s a staple benefit for expats: most of their operations and services can be accessed online, making banking procedures and transactions less time-consuming and much more convenient. To top things off, they also provide thoughtful English-language customer service and an intuitive online banking platform.

Opening an account with Intesa Sanpaolo: Documents required and process

The process of opening a bank account with Intesa Sanpaolo is quite streamlined and has been widely praised for its simplicity. But what exactly would one need to open a bank account with Intesa Sanpaolo? Well, here’s a look at the documents you’ll require: a valid passport or an identity document, proof of residence in Italy (utility bills work well), and a tax identification number (Codice Fiscale).

Now, down to the process: Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, you must visit a local branch. The bank’s dedicated staff will guide you through the account opening process. Everything should be set up within a few business days, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the conveniences and benefits this top-tier bank offers.

In a nutshell, Intesa Sanpaolo is an extremely accommodating bank for expats or foreigners living in Italy, matching superior services with effortless banking procedures.

Poste Italiane

When foreigners arrive in Italy, one of the first things they need to figure out is their banking situation. This is where Poste Italiane comes into play. As one of the leading financial institutions in Italy, Poste Italiane has made a name for itself by offering a range of services tailored to foreigners, helping them to navigate their financial needs in the Italian banking system seamlessly.

Poste Italiane: Services, products, and benefits for expats

Poste Italiane offers all the banking fundamentals, from debit and credit card facilities to online banking and mobile apps. The bank also offers supplementary services such as insurance, investment options, and prepaid cards.

Noteworthy for foreigners is the “Conto Fácil” account crafted for the needs of non-residents. It offers simplified account opening procedures, no monthly fees, and a free debit card. What’s more, the account provides access to multi-language (English included) online banking, making banking less complicated for non-Italian speakers.

Opening an account with Poste Italiane: Documents required and process

Opening a Poste Italiane account is not only simple but straightforward. As an expat, you will need a valid passport, proof of residence (current address), and a fiscal code (an Italian tax number). You may also be asked to provide additional information, like proof of employment or income documentation.

Once you have all your documents, the process becomes a breeze. Visit any branch of Poste Italiane and ask to open an account. The bank representative will guide you through the application forms and process. Within a short period, depending on the verification of your documents, you’ll be set up with your new Italian bank account.

Finding the right bank in a foreign country can be quite a task. However, with institutions like Poste Italiane, foreigners in Italy can have a smoother banking journey. They cater to their needs with a comprehensive suite of banking services and provide a seamless experience for personal and business banking needs alike.


Unicredit is a giant in the banking industry in Italy and across 17 countries globally. Its widespread reputation has primarily been carved by its excellent offerings, which include retail banking, commercial banking, as well as corporate and investment banking. Unicredit is particularly popular amongst foreigners who reside in Italy due to its uniquely tailored services and products for expats.

Unicredit: Services, products, and benefits for expats

Unicredit provides a wide range of banking solutions that can be especially beneficial for foreigners. They offer multi-language online banking services, ensuring effective communication and banking for their diverse customer base. Unicredit’s variety of accounts encompass basic features such as everyday banking, credit cards, and savings accounts but also extend into loans, insurance, and investment opportunities like bonds or shares.

Moreover, Unicredit’s strong international presence can bring added convenience as they entail global ATM use, overseas transaction services, and global customer service availability across their branches worldwide. This particularly benefits foreign clients who frequently travel or have foreign transactions.

Opening an account with Unicredit: Documents required and process

Foreign clients should prepare some necessary documentation to open an account with Unicredit. The required documents usually include a valid passport, Italian tax number (codice fiscale), evidence of your residence in Italy, and proof of employment or income.

Some branches may require further documents; hence, it is advisable that the potential customer gets in contact with the bank directly or visits their nearest Unicredit branch for accurate information.

Once the documents are submitted and approved, a multi-currency account can usually be opened within a couple of days. From there, Unicredit’s friendly customer service team is always ready to guide their new clients through their banking journey.

Factors to consider when choosing a bank as a foreigner

Here are a few points to keep in mind when deciding on a bank.

1. English Support: Having a bank that offers services in English makes everything more comfortable.

2. Online Banking: An easy-to-use online banking system is crucial – it simplifies tasks like money transfers and bill payments.

3. Fees: Be aware of the fees that come with maintaining an account, withdrawing money from ATMs, and using your card abroad.

An informed decision can save you from unnecessary troubles down the line!