CREDEM Bank Branches and ATMs in Bologna

List of CREDEM banks with offices and locations, working hours and SWIFT codes in Bologna, Italy.

ATM Bologna Sede
Via dell’Indipendenza 22
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-227818
Fax 051-236054

ATM Bologna Branch 2
Via Mazzini 5/7
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-399956
Fax 051-397838

ATM Bologna Branch 3
Via O.Vancini 1/b (ang. Via Montefiorino 8)
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-6152610
Fax 051-6152623

ATM Bologna Branch 4
Via Marco Emilio Lepido 157
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-6415249
Fax 051-6415277

Bologna Branch 5
Viale Dodici Giugno 1
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-6440047
Fax 051-330000

Bologna Branch 6
VIA Arturo Gazzoni 6
Bologna (BO)
Tel 051-531977
Fax 051-532631

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