CREDEM Bank Branches and ATMs in Catania

List of CREDEM banks with offices and locations, working hours and SWIFT codes in Catania, Italy.

ATM Catania Branch 2
Via Crispi 203 ang. Via F. Aprile
Catania (CT)
Tel 095-537900
Fax 095-538362

ATM Catania Branch 3
Via Giacomo Leopardi 77
Catania (CT)
Tel 095-375111
Fax 095-376117

ATM Catania Branch 4
Corso Italia 98
Catania (CT)
Tel 095-532559
Fax 095-537911

Catania Branch 5
Corso delle Provincie 213/A
Catania (CT)
Tel 095-451888
Fax 095-451929

ATM Catania Sede
Corso Sicilia 51
Catania (CT)
Tel 095-317322
Fax 095-310983

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