CREDEM Bank Branches and ATMs in Palermo

List of CREDEM banks with offices and locations, working hours and SWIFT codes in Palermo, Italy.

ATM evoluto Palermo Sede
Piazza Karol Woytila 25/a
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-520015
Fax 091-524279

ATM Palermo Branch 2
Piazza Alberico Gentili 6
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-349399
Fax 091-309817

ATM Palermo Branch 3
Viale Lazio 9/a
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-6253092
Fax 091-6253253

ATM Palermo Branch 4
Viale Liberta’ 8 ang. Via Carducci 2
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-6110133
Fax 091-6112874

ATM Palermo Branch 5
Via Leonardo da Vinci 141
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-6810824
Fax 091-6810829

ATM Palermo Branch 6
Via Damiani Almeyda 42 ang. Via Terrasanta 84-86
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-7302621
Fax 091-7308257

Palermo Branch 8
Via Dante 26 ang.v. di Villafranca
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-585796
Fax 091-582631

Palermo Branch 9
Via Marchese di Villabianca 27
Palermo (PA)
Tel 091-6269607
Fax 091-6268095

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