CREDEM Bank Branches and ATMs in Verona

List of CREDEM banks with offices and locations, working hours and SWIFT codes in Verona, Italy.

ATM Verona
Corso di Porta Nuova angolo Via Battisti
Verona (VR)
Tel 045-8009695
Fax 045-8001400

ATM Verona Branch 2
Corso Milano 90/a
Verona (VR)
Tel 045-8103414
Fax 045-566753

ATM Verona Branch 4
Via Villa Cozza 14/a
Verona (VR)
Tel 045-533370
Fax 045-8402507

Verona Branch 5
Via Quattro Spade 6
Verona (VR)
Tel 045-8053130
Fax 045-8053200

Verona Branch 6
Via Todeschini 36/a
Verona (VR)
Tel 045-8352446
Fax 045-8340436

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